Land of the Aussies!

Australia truly is a unique place. Yes, it is westernized, but the culture is still pretty different from America. Their lingo, their people, their stores…everything is odd.

Here’s a brief list of lingo I’ve learned:

breakfast = brekkie 

sweatshirt (they don’t use that word here at all) = jumper

afternoon = arvo

parking lot = car park

wallet = purse

McDonalds = Maccas (they NEVER use the word McDonalds!)

Their Burger King is called Hungry Jacks

coins = coinage 

hotdogs = sausages

That’s all I got for now. I’m sure I’m missing some. I’ve also found it real tough understanding the people with thick Australian accents. They speak so fast! It’s almost impossible understanding little kids. When we ask their names, the Americans can never understand them the first time. Here are some of the interesting names I’ve learned:

– Bogart

– Fletcher

– Lockley

I usually just give up after asking them after the third time.



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