Missionary Life in Sydney

I’ve been in Sydney for over a month now and I know many of you are wondering what I’m up to here. I’ll try my best to explain what I do day to day, although I think what Jesus has been teaching me this whole time is much more important than what I do!

There about thirty of us living in a large brick building where we work and do life together. Monday through Friday those of us staffing the base have a fairly set routine. We officially start our day at 8:30 AM with assigned work duties (I clean one of the girls’ bathrooms), followed by worship, intercession, a meeting, or Bible study. Starting at 10:30, we each have different jobs we attend to throughout the day like registrar, grounds and maintenance, or cooking. I’ve been assigned to hospitality, so I wash all of the base’s laundry (but personal belongings), clean the guest rooms, and coordinate everyone wanting accommodation at the base.

The base is also involved in several different ministries that reach out to the community throughout the week. I’m involved with a rugby ministry that reaches out to mainly young boys (although there are usually a couple of young girls, too) every Wednesday. We team up with a few other Christian guys and play rugby with the kids and fellowship with them over pizza afterwards. It’s my favorite ministry, partly because the Christian guys we team up with are such an inspiration to me, but also because of how effective the ministry seems to be in reaching the youth with the hope of Christ.

Breakfast Club is a ministry we do every Thursday and Friday at a couple public schools. Unless the child asks us about Jesus, we aren’t allowed to broach the subject of religion with the children. But I know that just being there serving the children a free hot breakfast shows the heart of Jesus without having to use words. But I do pray that one day a child does ask me about Jesus! 

We also serve at a feeding program every Wednesday night that serves free hot food to the Imagecommunity. We team up with “Christ Mission Possible” who cooks the food with the goal of having meaningful conversations with those who come out for the food and are most likely in need of Jesus. 

We also have a scheduled time for evangelism every Thursday. Evangelism is also one of my favorite ministries since it’s obviously very intentional about sharing Christ with others. The past couple of times we have
done evangelism at a shopping center called Mt. Druitt, where it’s pretty spiritually dark. Most of the kids there are already smoking and people drink publicly in the square. I will definitely share some stories from evangelism in some future posts.

That’s a small snippet of what goes on during the week which is usually very tiresome. There’s always something to clean, somewhere to serve others, and relational challenges to overcome that leave us exhausted by the weekend! But it’s all so worth it because of what Jesus is bringing forth in each one of us through our personal journeys. Living in community and learning from one another just cannot be beat, even though at times I dream of being able to hide away in my comfortable bed back home. But I know that’s not what I really want deep down, and that Jesus’ way of discipling me in YWAM is the best way for me to become everything that I hope to become in Christ. 

In my next post, I will attempt to share some more personal stories and some things Jesus has been teaching me that I pray are encouraging and inspiring to you all!


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